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Make Some Space

Making space for a baby in your life is never an easy decision. Once that’s done, making space for your little one at home need not be that tough!
We asked Neha Bhasin Sharma of Awesome Snoozie, a venture that specialises in baby nurseries, toddler rooms and play rooms to round up her favourite projects so far. From her pick, we rounded up some interiors trends for kids’ rooms that might seem handy in 2018.

Animal Themes
It’s a known fact that kids are absorbing their surroundings constantly. The world could do with more nature and animal lovers, and for that we love animal and nature themed rooms. Animals, nature and the universe – some of our favourite wallpapers and upholstery choices.

Go Royal
Your baby is the centre of your world and it’s only fair they feel like royalty! Velvet throws, princess theme dressers, teepees etc lend just the right amount of grandeur.

Monotones and Neutrals
While you might want to add a few metallic or dusty pink overtones to your child's bedroom palette, neutrals and greys never go out of style. They are great base shades to play with other elements.

Wallpaper Love
Don’t wrap up the whole space in wallpaper, it will make the room feel claustrophobic. Choose your main wall for a wallpaper and play with lighting etc around it.


Sleep Takes Centerstage:
Every parent knows sleep is like gold, so why not create a room with the bed as a focal point. If the room is focused on playthings or study areas, the child may associate the space with those activities rather than the important activity of sleeping through the night.


Photos courtesy: Neha Bhasin


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