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Are You Ready For A Second Baby?

A mother pours her heart out about making one of the most important decisions for herself and her family - to have a second baby or not!
Last year, my sister-in-law got married and it was nothing short of amazing. It was a non-stop party! But a family wedding for a new mother adds another layer. I would say with a toddler in view or often not ...it was also quite exhausting. We need a series titled 'Keeping up with a toddler'; it will be hilarious.

It was one of the functions and everyone was having a fabulous time. I'm in and out and someone taps me on the back, ''Hello dear, long time..congrats..'' I do recognise them and before I can greet them back they question, ''he is so cute, when is the next one coming?' I'm flummoxed but smile and say "I will let you know." I realised in different ways this question will come up, people are pretty creative with this  "It's better to have two'', or "only first years are hard'', ''your son will need a sibling''.

Well, family planning in India is everyone's business. I'm pretty sure lots of mommies have stories around this. Are you done with one? Or are you planning a second child?

"I know both working moms and stay at home moms, I have been on both sides and no side is easy!"

Let's weigh it out - the decision of having a second child needs to come from the parents and most importantly the mother. My toddler touching three years of age at the end of the year, I need to consider all the factors. I'm not getting any younger, having my first baby at 30 doesn't leave me much time. Is that the only pressure though, the biological clock?

Growing up with a younger sister was the best part of my childhood. I was more of a mom/bully to her but that's only a part of it. We have a million stories and so does my husband, who also has two siblings. This makes you wonder that without a sibling, will my son be a loner? As mostly all couples choose to have atleast two kids.

It's not going to be an easy ride for the parents, no way! Having two means taking care of two, vis-a-vis the myth that two kids take care of each other. However, I understand currently how much time it takes to make a child independent so am I willing to do it all over again? Career growth is tough too, its hard to juggle both work and home. I know both working moms and stay at home moms, I have been on both sides and no side is easy!

The second time around might be easier, but one can't neglect the first child even. How will I do justice to both? That's something to ponder about. There are so many changes/adjustments that need to be made with one child and with two it will be double of that. So will I ever be ready for a second child? What I do know and I'm constantly reminded of is that my biological clock is ticking. I'm going to make my decision very soon...

*tic toc*


By : Neha S Chawla

A dreamer, media professional and most importantly a mommy! Based out of New Delhi, Neha has been in the media business for almost 12 years; where she first started her career with a production house and then moved on to a media agency. Last year, she launched a video channel for a popular parenting website and is now working as a freelance content specialist. She loves to travel, meet new people and share her revelations of motherhood.