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A Rare Gem - Meghalaya

Photographer and travel enthusiast Ridhima Sekhri captures Meghalaya, "the abode of clouds", in all its unassuming beauty.
Truly the land of waterfalls where they come alive in every nook & corner of the mountains in all their glory.

The surreal rainbow that formed like a halo around the sun.

The locals of Meghalaya are a bunch of joyous and blissful people. They mostly talk in their local language and are always ready to help. They are warm, welcoming and friendly.

Our guide Jon, who guided us on the 16kms trek we took through the mountains along with a local boy who made us some delicious Maggi in the middle of nowhere.

Lake at Dawki which is partly shared by Meghalaya & partly by Bangladesh.

Narrow little bridge made of bamboos leading to the stunning viewpoint in Mawlynnong Village.


By : Ridhima Sekhri

Perfection, minimalism and a bit of quirk (when the mood strikes) is what describes Ridhima's style of photography. She graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Photography. Living in London for 4 years, she discovered the city through her lens and worked on many independent projects where she explored the boundaries of fashion and art photography. As of now, this Delhi-based homie has found her new passion - videography and does not miss any oppurtunity to travel across India and abroad.