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10 Life Lessons To Be Beautiful Inside Out. A Letter To My Daughter.

Celebrated dermatologist Kiran Kaur Lohia is mostly known for her beauty advice, albeit skin deep. Here, she pens down lessons for her 13-month old daughter, Raina Kaur Lohia, on how to grow up to be beautiful inside out. The kind of lessons that are just as important as moisturising, toning and not forgetting sunscreen!

Look Down Not Up

Most of us look up to what celebrities and socialites have or envy our friends for some attribute they may have that we don't. We live in India, and there are hundreds of millions of us that don't even have clean water to drink or a roof over us. Whenever you catch yourself wanting what someone else has, remember how lucky you are to be born into this life. Appreciate every moment and the people who love you. 


Compete Against Yourself

When you are trying to achieve something, don't look at others and try to be better than them. Compete against yourself, trust me you will succeed beyond your imagination. If you only compete against others, then you will only rise to their level, never beyond. See where you can improve. Take feedback, listen calmly to other's inputs, and learn and grow!


Have Compassion For Others

Trust me, while sometimes it feels like the world is ending, others around you have their own suffering. Remember that everyone has their own problems to deal with, no matter how happy their Instagram feed looks like. Have compassion and forgiveness for others. Remember, you have never lived a day in their shoes and they haven't lived in yours! 


Never Give Up

It's easy to give up a routine, a hobby, a goal or anything at all really. But when you persist through all the difficulties, it makes you a stronger and more resilient person. If it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be worth it!



Above: Kiran Kaur Lohia sharing a moment with her 13-month old daughter Raina Kaur Lohia

Have Compassion for Yourself

Most of us beat ourselves up for our mistakes. We torture ourselves and when we fail at something, we think we have to self-flagellate in order to improve. Instead of hating on yourself, simply observe the mistake, accept it and see what you can learn from it. To be human is to err. No one is perfect, nor can they ever be. As long as you learn from your mistakes, each and every misstep is a gift.


Expand Your Horizons

Just because you want to be a lawyer or a doctor or whatever it is is your passion, don't ignore the rest of the world. Always read the newspaper (no matter how boring it is) and get a hobby - simply expand who you are. Every new thing you learn makes you better!


Never Stop Learning

The moment you think you know everything is the day I know for sure you know nothing. The most successful people are those that recognise they have so much more to learn! Always have a thirst for knowledge - it will serve you greatly in the long run.


Be Social

No man is an island. We are all interconnected, and it is human interaction that is the most fulfilling part of life. Make real friends, be there for them, be open to meeting new people, and always keep your mind open when meeting those that seem completely different than you! There is always something new to experience when you meet new people.


Learn to Know What You Want

It is easy to follow the tide or listen to your friends and parents. However, what is hard is learning what YOU really want. Listen to yourself and be able to identify what you require in that moment and actively make your own decisions for yourself. 


Do Not Strive For Money

Wealth is not happiness. Strive for growth, knowledge, success - but never money. Having excess money will not make you happy. Rather, if you have more than you will ever spend, give it to the poor! They need it more than you. Work to add value to the world, not for dollar bills. 


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